SPEI financial incentives

The Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) supports and advises businesses and entrepreneurs from the initial stages of their activity through to international expansion.

SPEI can provide guidance regarding the steps that public administration will require of them and steer them towards the right organizations to meet their specific needs, be it consultancy, financing, or technological support.

Financial Incentives


Business projects which follow an innovation, industrialization, or commercialization process can be supported by SPEI.

SPEI financial incentives are granted to companies based in the canton of Vaud which are active in the following priority economic sectors:
• Life sciences
• Precision industry
• Information technology and communication (ITC)
• Cleantech
• Food industry
• Luxury products
• International sports
• Tourism

Supporting innovation

Acquiring intellectual property rights:

Non-repayable grant,
max. 50% and CHF 5,000

Development of a new product, development of means of production, obtaining certifications or approvals:

Non-repayable grant
max. 50% and CHF 30,000

Support for international expansion

Taking part in an exhibition or trade fair

Non-repayable grant
max. 50% and CHF 5,000

Development of markets
(market study or identifying business opportunities)

Non-repayable grant
max. 50% and CHF 30,000

Support for training

Training technical or scientific staff

Non-repayable grant
max. 50% of salary for six months
max. CHF 15,000 per employee

Sustainable development training

Non-repayable grant
max. 50% of training costs
from CHF 1,000 to CHF 3,000

Support for investment

Partial coverage of bank interest

Non-repayable grant
Max. 50% of the interest for six years

Guarantee of a bank loan

max. 50% of loan and 33% of project
From CHF 1'000'000 to CHF 5'000'000
For a maximum period of 10 years