Unique assets

The canton of Vaud has a concentration of innovative companies and research centers that is unparalleled the world over, which is one of the reasons it has become a hub for businesses looking to develop their activities in Europe and beyond. The region also offers an ecosystem that is particularly conducive to business, a solid transport network, cutting-edge infrastructure, an attractive tax regime, and a highly qualified workforce.

Work/life balance

The region has unrivaled possibilities in terms of tourism, culture, sports, and gastronomy, which is why the canton of Vaud is logically considered to be an ideal place to live and work!

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Why invest in the canton of Vaud?

Industrial expertise

Industry in Vaud is based on expertise handed down over many generations, which has seen plenty of prime examples of firms earning a reputation for "Swiss Made" quality through the years.

At the crossroads of the world

The region has a glowing global reputation, in particular thanks to the various international events that are organized there.

Qualified workforce

Thanks to its education and professional training system, the canton of Vaud has an extensive workforce that is qualified and often multilingual.

Security, stability and accessible institutions

It has a reliable political framework where collaboration between the public and private sectors supports economic development. The authorities can efficiently connect investors and entrepreneurs.

Attractive tax regime

Taxes in the canton of Vaud are far lower and much less complex in administrative terms than in most countries in the Western world.

Quality of life

The canton offers unique living conditions and a perfect work/life balance. The tourism, culture, and sports on offer make it an exceptional place to call home.

Economic prosperity

All of the performance indicators put the canton of Vaud on the highest level. The diversity of its economic fabric makes it attractive in every sector.

Center of innovation

The canton of Vaud is a leading European hub in terms of technology and innovation, most notably in research and development.

Leading education

A dense network of schools and universities of global renown have placed the canton of Vaud at the forefront of education and research.

High-performance infrastructure

The canton of Vaud is located at the heart of a modern network connecting it to Europe’s major cities by rail and by air. It also has an extensive selection of land and premises.

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