Security Deposits for Start-up

In short..

On April 17, 2020 the State Council of Vaud commited to helping early-stage companies that had been impacted by COVID-19 and allocated CHF 20 million to make up for the lack of support from the federal government but on condition of the subsidiarity principle. On April 22, 2020 the Federal Council eventually came up with an additional measure for start-up/scale-up in the form of bank loans. As a result, the initial CHF 20 million announced by the State Council will be used to cover the share of 35% related to all loans requested.

How does it work ?

This measure potentially allows you to get a credit from the bank of your choice to cover up to a third of your operating costs but to a maximum of CHF 1 million. If accepted by the bank, this loan will be fully guaranteed by the public authorities as 65% by the Swiss Confederation and 35% by the State of Vaud.

What are the conditions ?


Company has been created under an SA or SARL and has its main office in Vaud since 10 years maximum (after 01.01.2010 and before 01.03.2020)

Business Model

The company works in the field of science and/or technologies, and is innovative and scalable.


The company has encountered obvious financial difficulties due to COVID19 but is not currently in over-debtedness, in the process of bankruptcy or liquidation.


There will be several bodies of authority throughout this process... Here are the 4 main steps your request will go through and who's going to take care of it.


You submit your request on the federal portal for swiss companies starting May 7 and before August 31.


A taskforce composed with officials from SPEI, Innovaud and FIT receives your request from EasyGov, reviews it within 3-5 days and updates you.


The taskforce transfers its decision to Cautionnement romand, which verifies and notifies you its final decision.


Each start-up is free to reach out to the bank of its choice as long as it has accepted this measure.

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