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More people starting a business in Switzerland than ever before

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor has measured the Total Entrepreneurial Activity of nascent and new business owners (TEA) in several countries around the world for 20 years. In 2019, TEA in Switzerland was higher than ever before. The new Swiss edition of the GEM shows clearly the peculiarities of the Swiss entrepreneurial ecosystem and provides insights on current trends regarding women entrepreneurship.


Insolight closes Series A financing round of CHF 5 Mio

Swiss and Vaud based solar company Insolight obtained CHF 5 million from investors. Congratulations to the team based at EPFL Innovation Park! The startups is on the starting blocks to set its next-generation solar PV panels on the global market. This new round of a Swiss startup resonates with the recent Swiss Venture Capital Report Update, showing that despite the coronavirus crisis, lockdown and travel restrictions, there was still robust activity of investments in Swiss startups throughout the first half of 2020


Videlo interview of Raphael Conz

Alp ICT met Raphaël Conz, Head of the Business Unit at SPEI (Service for the promotion of the economy and innovation) for the canton of Vaud, at the heart of the Ateliers de Renens,
Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, discover in this video interview, his vision of the major challenges of the 21st century and the tools for companies to increase the success of their projects.


Europe smiles at SwissDeCode

After receiving a 2.5 million euro grant, the SwissDeCode startup, based at UniverCité - Renens, has just had its project selected as part of the European EIT Food programme dedicated to the fight against COVID-19. A total of 13 projects have been validated, for a budget of 6.17 million euros.


European funds for Swiss start-ups

Three Swiss start-ups are among the beneficiaries of two EIT programs designed to support activities geared towards addressing the current pandemic and enabling continuity. SwissdeCode won in EIT Food program while Volumina Medical and Hemotune in EIT Health.


Call for projects

Are you developing a promising technology in the field of applied neuroscience or neurotechnology? Do you intend to bring it to the market? This joint EPFL-Wyss Center call for projects might be for you.EPFL & the Wyss Center have joined forces to invest in the neuro technologies of tomorrow, and accelerate the journey from bench to market. The partnership will provide funds to selected projects for up to 100’000 CHF per project, as well as access to the combined network and resources at both institutions.


MindMaze teams up with Sauber Engineerung

Sauber Engineering, part of the Sauber Group known for its Formula One racing team, will take on a prominent role in the Healthtech sector as it unveils a new long-term partnership with neurotechnology start-up MindMaze. The link-up between these two Swiss powerhouses will enable Sauber Engineering to deploy its world-class R&D, design and production capabilities to help MindMaze redefine its homebased neuro-recovery products.


4 out of 10 SMEs in Vaud are optimistic

Nearly half of the 536 Vaud SMEs surveyed by BCV expect their revenues to decline over the next twelve months. Given the scale of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which economists expect to result in a decline of more than 5% in Vaud's GDP by 2020, this impact is hardly surprising. What is more surprising is that 4 out of 10 small and medium-sized enterprises in Vaud expect their turnover to remain stable in the coming year, and more than 11% even expect it to increase!


One million Swiss francs for Terapet

Terapet SA, a medtech startup aiming to improve proton therapy for cancer, has raised one million Swiss francs in an oversubscribed seed financing with new investors. The funds will enable the company to advance the technology and prepare it for clinical validation.