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GreenTech Startup Battle: 20 Startups ready for the show

The Swiss Digital Days kick off on 5th September at Bundesplatz in Bern. As part of the program, 20 cleantech startups will present their solutions to the public audience across Switzerland and compete for a prize for each of the seven regions.


Collaborative projects in sustainability

The Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) is launching the first call for collaborative projects from the sustainable economy support fund. The prize is financial aid of up to CHF 100,000 for projects carried out by a consortium of at least three companies and aimed at transforming the economy into a more sustainable one.


Portrait of Robin des Fermes, from consumer to producer

Although consumers are now more aware of the notion of "eating local", they are still mainly customers of large supermarkets. The window of opportunity opened during Covid for direct sales has unfortunately not been sufficiently successful. Why was this? This is the question that Tanguy Ecoffey and his team asked themselves 4 years ago: what are the brakes on consumers buying direct sales?


Voltiris wins first commercial client

Lausanne-based startup Voltiris has implemented its first client project in Switzerland. Its new generation of colour-optimized photovoltaic panels are designed to maximise sunlight for growing crops while producing renewable energy.


Fourth call for projects "Video game creation"

With a total of CHF 50,000, the call aims to support projects that stand out for their originality and technical innovation, their artistic creativity (game design, graphic/sound design, narration), their technical architecture, their marketing strategy and their economic development potential.


Tech4trust Season 4

This 6-month hybrid program supports the growth of cybersecurity and digital trust start-ups by providing high-quality training, key networking opportunities, and unparallel visibility, as well as dedicated mentoring and coaching sessions. Tech4Trust acceleration program is powered by Trust Valley and its ecosystem of 50+ industry leaders, academics and public organisations. Startups can apply until 28 August 2022!


Romande Energie joins forces with GENILEM

As a key player in the decarbonisation of the regional economy, Romande Energie has become a sponsor of GENILEM, whose mission is to help young innovative companies offering sustainable solutions during their take-off phase. It will make its experience and expertise available to them, thus joining a large network of partners committed to the society of tomorrow.


Vaud GDP: robust growth in a difficult environment

The Vaud economy is expected to continue its recovery this year and next despite the disruption to the global economy. The latest forecasts predict a rise in gross domestic product (GDP) of 2.8% in 2022. Although down from the 3.6% expected at the beginning of the year, growth should thus remain robust.


Boost My Startup Challenge

Boost My Startup Challenge is a competition open to Swiss startups active in the areas of construction, environment, energy, water, logistics, mobility or real-estate. It is organised by the UBS Growth Advisory, a competence centre for fast-growing companies, as well as BG Consulting Engineers, a leading engineering consultancy with numerous projects and customers in Switzerland and internationally.