Scaling Up Sales: Discover the 2022 cohort

Co-organised by the Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI), Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) and Innovaud, this programme supports SMEs and technology start-ups in their growth phase by developing the commercial management skills of entrepreneurs. Discover the ten companies selected for this first round.

After a first call for projects launched last June, our jury of experts has selected 10 promising projects. The selected companies will be able to benefit from a sales management training (Sales Management Academy) and a one-year support by sales angels.

Founded and based in Lausanne, AICA believes that through innovation and progress, robots can be used in more areas. That’s why, their state-of-the-art technology has been developed for industrial robotic arms in order to simplify the interaction between humans and robots.

bNovate Technologies
bNovate Technologies SA was founded in 2011 with the goal to be the best in the field of automated cells analysis. Today, bNovate Technologies SA has grown into a strong team of scientific experts and managers who can address the challenge of developing the most demanding, fully automated analysis instruments.

ExerGo is a Swiss cleantech startup providing an innovative solution for district heating and cooling networks. Harnessing renewable resources and waste heat, they are turning captured CO2 into a dense, low-temperature fluid.

Based on the idea that indoor inspection of industrial assets should cost as little as possible in terms of human safety and shutdown time, Flybotix was founded in 2019. 3 years later, the startup serves several worldwide customers in Sewers management, Hydro powerplants, Oil & Gas, Maritime and Chemical plants.

Genknowme has been founded in 2019 by a team of passionate scientists. This innovative life sciences company dedicates itself to the transformation of cutting-edge research into epigenetic signatures that measure the impact of lifestyle on your biological age.

OriginFood Sàrl
OriginFood deploys solutions to improve visibility and collaboration across Supply Chains, leveraging digital technologies like blockchain, AI and cloud computing. Their mission is to enable visibility and collaboration across Supply Chains to responsibly contribute towards a more sustainable world.

To overcome the limitations of existing bioprinting technologies, Readily3D created Tomolite: a unique bioprinter, allowing biologists to print an entire cell-laden volume at once, in less than a minute and without impairing cell viability. their technology aims to help life scientists push the frontiers of biofabrication.

SEED Biosciences SA
Seedbiosciences was created with the ambition to enable tomorrow's medicine. The created DispenCell, a pipetting robot designed to allow scientists to isolate single cells reliably and cost-effectively by reducing lab time and validation time.

SteriLux Sa
SteriLux is a Swiss MedTech start-up founded in August 2014 with the ambition to have a major impact on the improvement of quality medical care. They are committed to combine quality, technical expertise and innovation to transform the way infection control is addressed.

Rumya is a Swiss start-up specialised in the development of software to facilitate the digitalisation of companies. Their objective is to support companies in the face of the challenges of digitalisation by providing consultancy services and the development of innovative and tailor-made software.