Ateliers de Renens


All types of technology-based businesses or ones looking to develop a cross-disciplinary project, in particular in relation to design.


Flexible locations for hire, ranging from co-working to enclosed individualized spaces. Different spaces stretching over 9,500 m2.

Various shared spaces accessible to all:
• Makerspace for prototyping
• Laboratory and communal space (UniverCité)
• Shared work spaces that are modular and can be used flexibly
• Media space, cafeteria and bar

Various advice, coaching and other services

Different events organized by the various communities.


Incubation: incubator for cross-disciplinary projects, accompanied and supported by ECAL competencies linked to design(100 m2 ).

Acceleration program: coaching with mentors and investors as part of the international MassChallenge program, housed in the Ateliers de Renens (

Additional services : prototyping and training

Prototyping and laboratories: access to laboratories for the implementation, prototyping and integration of systems, availability of machines and research material, possibility of creating all sorts of prototypes (wood, metal, 3D printing etc.).

Training: InnoKick cross-disciplinary master’s degree from the HES-So, where graduates from different backgrounds (design, engineering and economics) work on specific projects.

Les Ateliers de Renens
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