Applied R&D Center of the HEIG-VD

The Applied R&D Center of the HEIG-VD steers companies to the right institute to develop a technology project or obtain a particular service.


Managing research projects contractually

Managing intellectual property issues

Managing the valuation potential of projects

Facilitating access to sources of co-financing, on a regional, national and European level

The 13 institutes and interdisciplinary working groups. of the R&D Center:

Interdisciplinary institute for business development (IIDE)
Institute for Industrial Automation (iAi)
Institute for Energy and Electric Systems (IESE)
Institute of Thermal Engineering (IGT)
Institute of Micro and Nano Technologies (MNT)
Institute of On-board Information Systems (SIM)
Institute of Mechanical Design, Materials Science and Packaging Technologies
Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (IICT)
Institute of Reconfigurable and Embedded Digital Systems (REDS)
Institute of Territorial Engineering (insit)
Media Engineering Institute (MEI)

Interdisciplinary working groups:
Health, Engineering & Economics (HEE)

Areas of expertise:
Energies HEIG-VD
Mobility Hub
Human Development in Organization

Centre Ra&D