To offer member companies services, information and advice, especially for their international development. To provide a networking venue and a business relationship platform. To safeguard economic interests and the canton’s prosperity. To become a partner and point of contact for Vaud-based companies.

Act as a neutral and trustworthy intermediary between the customs administrations and private businesses in the canton of Vaud.

Support entrepreneurs in creating and transferring their companies.

Our services

Social funds

Social security (AVS – old-age pension/AI – invalidity/APG – loss of income/AC – unemployment, family allowance) and 2nd pillar pension plans with online administrative tool (e-service)

Legal advice and training

Provide support and guidance on legal matters related to employment law such as foreign labour, contracts and corporate law, taxation, arbitration, mediation and internal conflict management.

Services and advice for companies

Provide companies with information and services to help them develop their business.

o Networking platform, making new business contacts
o Financial analysis (economic and statistical information)
o Economic and legal publications to help start and run businesses
o SWISSFIRMS portal for the promotion of businesses online (
o International Link – an English-language service exclusively aimed at the
canton's international corporations (conferences, HR workshops, meetings with
local government, induction days and integration events)
o Availability of infrastructure (meeting rooms, offices, conference rooms, facilities)
for members

Support export and international expansion

Act as a neutral and trustworthy intermediary between the customs administrations and private businesses in the canton of Vaud.

o Certification of the origins of export products and authentication of commercial documents intended for export
o Issuance and validation of ATA carnets (“passports” for goods), CITES – regulation of trade in protected animals and plants
o Courses and training on international trade matters (customs formalities and concepts of product origin, various forms of transport, ATA logbooks, Incoterms, documentary credits, bank guarantees etc.)
o Consulting in partnership with SERV (Swiss Export Risk Insurance) and S-GE (country information, VAT recovery, insurance)

Coaching and advice on starting a business

Answer all questions, before and during the startup phase of a business project. To offer expert advice to companies in their startup phase and steer them towards specialist services that can help them achieve their goals.

o To support and provide advice to companies in the startup phase
o Specialists available by appointment or telephone, Monday to Friday 8 am to 12 pm, with 30 minutes of support free of charge to answer any initial questions. Speedy referral to the right partners.
o Guide for entrepreneurs, a practical “toolbox”
o Training, in partnership with GENILEM, IFJ (Institut für Jungunternehmen) etc.

Business transfer

Create awareness among entrepreneurs of the need to prepare the transfer of their business and subsequently support them with the transfer.

o Monthly advice and information afternoons (date based on the availability of the participants)
o Individual workshop in two 60 to 90-minute sessions with talks from experts from the worlds of banking, tax, law and management

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