To encourage innovation and research on a European level. Supporting projects for innovative products and services at every stage of their evolution, from research and development through to production and commercialization.


- Euresearch provides information and advice for companies on different financing programs based on the sector that the company is operating in and the financing requirements identified

- The Horizon 2020 (H2020) program in particular contains various support solutions for companies that are active in science and technology

- The programs offered as part of H2020 enable access to significant non-repayable financing, with direct financing of between 70% and 100% of the project costs

The range of H2020 European initiatives provides:
- Support for collaborative innovation projects in a wide variety of fields (ICT, life sciences, health, nano and micro technologies, aerospace, food, cleantech, etc.)
- Financing of product/service innovation projects for individual
companies (SME Instrument)
- Financing, via specific grants, of recruitment and training of employees active in R&D (MSCA actions) and various new options for business innovation projects via the Horizon 2020 European Innovation Program

As well as the tools available in the H2020 program, Euresearch provides information and advice for businesses on other European opportunities for innovation projects, such as Eurostars and Eureka.

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