Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT)

FIT is the fruit of a public/private partnership which aims to provide financial support by means of grants or loans to newly-created technological business projects. These services are coordinated with Innovaud which is the gateway to any innovation project.

There are three types of support corresponding to the different stages of development of a project or business (grant, seed loan and growth loan). The eligibility criteria and the conditions of the support differ according to the two categories of projects supported by FIT (FIT tech and FIT digital).

The 3 financial supports of FIT tech

FIT Tech aims at supporting the development of innovative technological projects.

The entry criteria of FIT Tech are as follow for startup projects:
- Develops or uses a technological innovation
- The grant recipient must be working in an institute or university in the canton of Vaud (i.e. EPFL, HES)
- The result of the process will be the creation or the development of a company in Western Switzerland

FIT tech grant

100'000 CHF

in the form of a grant to the project's principal initiator working in an institute or a university located in the canton of Vaud


100'000 CHF

in the form of a loan for companies of less than one year in Western Switzerland


300 à 500'000 CHF

in the form of a loan for companies of 1 to 3 years old based in the Canton of Vaud.

The 3 financial supports of FIT digital

FIT Digital aims at supporting entrepreneurs who develop digital projects in the Canton of Vaud. The projects have to be based on an innovative business model with a strong growth potential.

The supporting tool was created to identify promising startups in the digital domain, but also to identify talented entrepreneurs who will create the new jobs of tomorrow.

If you are an entrepreneur, take your chance now to test your business model, harness proofs of success more quickly and get the necessary financial help, with FIT Digital!


20'000 CHF

loan to test the business model's hypotheses


50'000 CHF

loan to validate the value proposal and acquire the first customers


200'000 CHF

loan to put in place and execute the first growth strategies

Areas of focus

Digital information technologies

Precision industries

Energy and environment

Life science and health