The Orbe Technology Park – or TecOrbe – has close ties with many local universities and forms part of a dense innovation ecosystem. Located in an industrial district, the technopark helps startups launch production of their technology, supports innovation at SMEs and fosters groundbreaking ideas across the entire industry.

Technology developed at TecOrbe – generally presented as demos or prototypes – is designed to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste or rely on lower-grade raw materials. That’s because the technopark aims to develop truly revolutionary, green innovations – TecOrbe is positioned as an environmental technopark.
Through collaborations with Innovaud, the Vaud economic development agency (DEV), Switzerland’s Department of Economic Development and Trade (SPECo), other regional economic agencies, and a vast network of local businesses and organizations, TecOrbe gives entrepreneurs a platform not only for creating their businesses, but also for pilot-testing their technology and trying it out on the market. The technopark is surrounded by wood, metal and plastics producers as well as experts in automation – all with the know-how to help young businesses turn their ideas into viable products.

Industrial equipment on site

As a relatively small technopark, TecOrbe has no equipment of its own. However, entrepreneurs are put in contact with specialists who have the know-how, machines, measurement devices and more that they need for their R&D needs.

Tech platforms and partnerships

TecOrbe draws on an extensive network of academic partners to find the right ones for each business idea. These partners can provide in-depth knowledge about a specific topic, technical expertise, testing and analysis equipment, and assistance with quantifying and preventing environmental risks.


Business ideas that are not incubated at one of Switzerland’s research institutes, engineering schools or federal institutes of technology take much longer to reach the point where products are ready to be introduced to the market. Therefore TecOrbe makes a point of supporting entrepreneurs from the very beginning, by putting together project teams that can help overcome the challenges inherent to business creation and speed product development. This step generally involves working from home or in coworking areas.

Once the business idea is fleshed out, the startup can rent an office or production space at the technopark; the size of the firm’s facilities will naturally grow with the company. And once the new business gets past this incubation stage, TecOrbe’s experts will help it find its own premises – and continue providing assistance if desired.


TecOrbe can provide companies with around 100m² of office or production space, depending on availability.
The industrial district in which the technopark is located offers several benefits:

- Easy transportation links, especially for trucks
- Noise is tolerated to a certain degree
- Short-lived odors (including those that are strange or foul) emitted by production sites are generally tolerated

Business services

In addition to offering personalized assistance and support, TecOrbe can also provide marketing facilities (like conference rooms), put entrepreneurs in touch with local businesses or prospects willing to test out their technology, and identify potential suppliers. The technopark also has hardware and software experts on site.

Who’s there already

TecOrbe is home to the following startups:
- ICEC (waste recycling)
- Nutrigenext (nutrition)
- Rubbish Design

The following companies are currently at TecOrbe’s incubator:
- Craving4Sound
- ICCOffice

A number of other businesses are also located at TecOrbe:

- GRT Group
- Ambiance Béton
- Green value SA / Phytaxis
- Sol-Air Concept Sàrl /Thermibat
- Ambiance CHAIZ Agencement Sàrl
- Mood Collection
- Puratis - HOWAG
- Lustracars
- Polychem
- Marti Technik
- Seculting


As an environmental technopark, TecOrbe gives priority to businesses that develop technology related to energy efficiency, process development and the recycling of secondary materials. The technopark also hosts companies wishing to support local economic development.


TecOrbe is a 5-minute drive from highways linking Geneva, Lausanne, Sion, Bern, Neuchâtel and Besançon. Free parking is available all around the site:

• A 40-minute drive from Geneva airport
• A 5-minute walk from the train station
• TecOrbe sits on the edge of the town of Orbe, with schools, shops, doctors’ offices and housing less than a kilometer away