Regardless of your projects, your needs, or your stage of development, the Office for Economic Affairs in Vaud and its network of partners can provide aid and support that is targeted, personalized, and free of charge to all companies. The Office for Economic Affairs in Vaud can provide particular help with the following steps:

Support Organizations

We are here to support you

Activate our network

The Vaud Economic Promotion has a significant network of partners who can provide you with targeted services based on your needs, your sector of activity and the stage of development of your company.

Develop an innovation project

Several programs and means of support have been implemented to encourage innovation within small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups and to promote the transfer of technologies between institutes of higher education and industry.

Find land or premises

The canton of Vaud has a large amount of land available for construction as well as buildings which can house administrative, commercial, industrial and technological activities.

Obtain financing

Several organizations can support companies financially, be it for their creation, development or implantation.

Recruit staff

All the information you need regarding the steps that need to be followed when taking on staff, visas, work permits and payment of salaries is available.

Start your business

All the information required to create a new company will be provided, notably the choice of legal form, the costs involved, and the time it will take.

Learn about the tax system and its advantages

Compared with other cantons, Vaud has an attractive normal tax rate as well as other fiscal advantages.