Entering your company in the register of commerce

The register of commerce applies to the following:

- Sole proprietorships exceeding CHF 100,000 of annual turnover
- Limited partnerships including private companies limited by shares
- Partnerships
- Limited joint-stock companies
- Limited liability companies
- Associations carrying out a commercial activity
- Branch offices of Swiss and foreign companies
- Cooperatives
- Foundations, with the exception of family and ecclesiastical foundations
- Branch offices of foreign and Swiss companies

Entry in the register of commerce enables you to:

• Establish equivocally the type of representation and responsibility of the company;
• Increase transparency and the security of your business relations once companies’ legal reports are published.

Set-Up Guide

Establishing and Managing a Company

There are two ways for you to enter your company in the register of commerce:

The usual method

For limited joint-stock and limited liability companies

Entry in the register of commerce for a limited joint-stock or limited liability company must be done the traditional way, i.e., you are obliged to use the services of a notary.

For other companies
You merely need to go to the office with an official form of identification or write to the following address:

Registre du commerce
Rue Grenade 38
Case postale 198
1510 Moudon


The Swiss Confederation has devised a system which will enable you to carry out on-line all the various steps required to create a sole proprietorship, branch offices of Swiss and foreign companies, limited partnerships, partnerships, and associations. EasyGov’s online window centralizes and facilitates the compulsory administrative procedures for creating a company, namely submitting your choice of legal form, registering with social security (AVS), accident insurance, VAT, and the register of commerce.

Further information

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