Leader in precision aerospace

APCO Technologies is active in the space, energy and heavy industry sectors. It is a family business with 350 employees with its headquarters, R&D and production sites in Aigle in the canton of Vaud.

Founded in Vevey in 1992 by André Pugin, APCO Technologies has enjoyed amazing growth since relocating to Aigle in 2008. The company was initially active in the space and energy sectors but has since extended its scope to heavy industry. Each of these sectors now accounts for around one third of its turnover. Two factors illustrate the growth of this family-run business since its arrival in the heart of Chablais: its workforce has expanded from 70 to 350 employees (250 of them in Aigle), and the surface area of its workshops has increased from 3,000 m2 to 12,000 m2.

In the space sector, the company is as active "on the ground" as it is in the development and transport of satellites and launchers, notably for the Russian Soyuz craft and the European Space Agency Ariane 5 satellite launcher. "In Aigle, we have three clean rooms dedicated to the construction of flight parts," explains Aude Pugin, CEO of the company. "To make the structural components of satellites, the conditions need to meet the highest hygiene standards for visual reasons as much as anything."

Oriented towards production

The company has seven production halls in Aigle, the last of which has just been completed and is exclusively dedicated to the Ariane 6 project. The company’s initial focus was on projects but now is increasingly on production, with an eye to digitization and trackability. Around 40 employees working in this sector are based in Guyana.

With regard to the energy side of the business, the company mainly operates in the French market for the electricity generator and provider EDF. Its work consists of designing secure lifting bridges, which are earthquake-resistant compared to other properties. Everything for this sector is also designed and produced in Aigle with around 70 employees in France in charge of installation and maintenance. Lastly, turning to heavy industry, the company is working in sectors closely related to space including the construction of ground-based telescopes but also welding and assembly services for the naval industry.



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A strong commitment to the canton of Vaud

All APCO Technologies’ R&D and production activities are based in Aigle. "When we had to give up our old premises in Vevey, the local authorities were particularly welcoming and proactive," says Ms. Pugin, "not only to smooth the wheels of our setting up business here but also when it came to supporting our growth. We felt that they really understood the industrial and economic reality of our business. The region is also easily accessible thanks to high-quality infrastructures, which makes it easier to welcome clients to our production halls."

The company works very closely with EPFL and especially with the Swiss Space Center, and HEIG-VD; a number of employees have studied at these institutions. It also has strong ties with the European Space Agency, which has provided direct contact with a wide variety of major European groups that are active in the aerospace sector.

Since moving to Aigle in 2008, APCO Technologies has invested 38.5 million francs in its new premises and offices, which were purpose-built on vacant industrial land. Its workforce is expanding annually by 15% – 20%. "As a family-run business, we can afford to take a long-term vision," says Ms. Pugin, who has been CEO of CVCI since April 2018. "We hope to carry on investing in the canton of Vaud." In November 2015, APCO Technologies won the Vaud International Business Award – a competition for export companies in the region – in the 'Jury’s Special Prize' category.