The canton of Vaud is the main center for research and innovation in Switzerland and is one of the wealthiest regions in the world. Science and industry work hand in hand thanks to the presence of globally renowned universities and research centers.


The largest French-speaking region of Switzerland is located at the heart of Europe, in a particularly safe and secure environment at the foot of the Alps and on the shores of Lake Geneva. As well as breath-taking landscapes, it offers a multitude of sporting and family activities and a quality of life recognized – and envied! – the world over.

Home of Innovations

Our Assets

Industrial expertise

Industry in Vaud is based on expertise handed down over many generations, which has seen plenty of prime examples of firms earning a reputation for "Swiss Made" quality through the years.

Center of innovation

The canton of Vaud is a leading European hub in terms of technology and innovation, most notably in research and development.

Leading education

A dense network of schools and universities of global renown have placed the canton of Vaud at the forefront of education and research.

Our Leading Companies

Apco Technologies

Our Key Sectors

Precision Engineering

Life Sciences & Health

Research & Development




Our Success Stories

APCO Technologies

Since establishing itself in Aigle in 2008, APCO Technologies has enjoyed significant growth in the space, energy and heavy industry sectors. The family-run business has gone from strength to strength, and now works with the Swiss Space Center and on the European Ariane 6 rocket.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

A biopharmaceutical company which develops and markets solutions in the sectors of reproductive and maternal health, urology, gastroenterology, and endocrinology. It was originally founded in Sweden and set up business in the Vaud municipality of Saint-Prex in 2006.


MindMaze is a spin-off from the EPFL which has revolutionized neurological treatment. The start-up’s neurological retraining system is behind its rise to prominence in the unicorn category, i.e., new companies worth over a billion dollars.

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Formation Business Growth

Innosuisse et Venturelab organisent des cours gratuits et d'une durée de 5 jours à Lausanne. Ceux-ci sont destinés aux startups romandes et actives dans les technologies de l'information et de la communication (ICT) ainsi que dans l'ingénierie de pointe afin d'utiliser le marketing digital afin d'accroître les ventes, procéder à un meilleur recrutement, et finalement à préparer sa phase d'expansion (scaling) avec les outils légaux et les investisseurs adaptés. Trois heures de coaching individuel vous seront également consacrées.


Magic Leap sets its eyes on Lausanne

The american company - widely known as one ot the most promising in the field of augmented reality - has recently announced its intention to relocate in the Vaud capital and to set up an excellence center.



Alpine High-tech Venture Forum 2018

The AHVF 2018 will bring together leading actors from Life Sciences, Clean Technology and Information Technology sectors from Switzerland and the Alpine region.

Starling Hotel, Lausanne


Symposium Optimisation énergétique

La HEIG-VD et son Institut de Génie Thermique (IGT) organisent la deuxième édition du symposium optimisation énergétique, destinée à tous les acteurs de l’industrie, des services et toute autre entreprise concernée par l’énergie. Ce symposium permettra de faire un tour d’horizon des optimisations énergétiques possibles et de se projeter dans les scénarios induits par la récente votation. Les différentes technologies et méthodes utilisées dans la récupération et le stockage thermique ainsi que de l’optimisation des installations électriques seront traitées.

La Marive


La sécurité digitale me concerne !

The Canton of Vaud is committed to raise the awareness of both the public and SME’s to cyber-risks during the Swiss Digital Day by explaining the fundamentals to be known and implemented on a daily basis in order to protect their data and guarantee their digital security. The canton of Vaud, in collaboration with several private and academic partners, will present best practices in the area of cybersecurity on two different sites in the city of Yverdon-les-Bains.


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