The canton of Vaud is the main center for research and innovation in Switzerland and is one of the wealthiest regions in the world. Science and industry work hand in hand thanks to the presence of globally renowned universities and research centers.


The largest French-speaking region of Switzerland is located at the heart of Europe, in a particularly safe and secure environment at the foot of the Alps and on the shores of Lake Geneva. As well as breath-taking landscapes, it offers a multitude of sporting and family activities and a quality of life recognized – and envied! – the world over.

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Industrial expertise

Industry in Vaud is based on expertise handed down over many generations, which has seen plenty of prime examples of firms earning a reputation for "Swiss Made" quality through the years.

Center of innovation

The canton of Vaud is a leading European hub in terms of technology and innovation, most notably in research and development.

Leading education

A dense network of schools and universities of global renown have placed the canton of Vaud at the forefront of education and research.

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A pioneer in the management of autonomous vehicle fleets, scale-up Bestmile now sells its technology to be used in many cities in Switzerland and around the world.


Combagroup uses new environmentally-friendly technologies including a mobile aeroponic system that is unique in the world. Lettuce and aromatic herbs are sprayed with water and nutrients using retractable vertical nozzles.


DEPsys has developed a smart grid management solution. Building on its robust growth in Switzerland, DEPsys now aims to expand globally.

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Swiss banks distributed more than 16.5 billion Covid loans in one month.

Launched on 26 March and increased to CHF 40 billion on 3 April, the guaranteed credit programme developed by the Confederation and the banks to enable SMEs to finance themselves during the crisis injected more than CHF 16 billion into the Swiss economy in one month. This is equivalent to more than a quarter of the annual budget of the Confederation. Applications were mainly for small loans (up to a maximum of CHF 500,000).


First pilot for the Google and Apple-based decentralised tracing app

Several thousand people in Switzerland can now download "SwissCovid", the official application for tracing contacts at risk of transmission of COVID-19, if they wish. "This is the first time that the operating system updates from Google and Apple enable its deployment and testing on such a large scale," says Professor Edouard Bugnion, Vice-President for Information Systems at EPFL. He was at the heart of discussions with Google and Apple to have them adopt the "DP3T" protocol led by the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology.



Live Talk, adaptation des PME face au COVID-19

Vincent Dessenne, directeur Heraeus Materials, partage ses expériences face au COVID-19 et répond à ces questions. Comment avez-vous vécu l’annonce de la crise et quels sont les impacts ? Au niveau organisationnel, est-ce que vous étiez prêt à affronter les contraintes sanitaires liées à la crise ? Quels outils numériques étaient déjà en place ? Quelle est la situation du site de production aujourd’hui ? Quels sont selon vous les points de non-retour lié au COVID-19 ? Qu’est-ce que vous souhaitez pérenniser chez Heraeus ? Quels vont être les défis de ces prochains mois dans l’industrie médicale ?



INNOVAUD EXPAND #3 : How to Manage Your Board During a Crisis

Innovaud Expand is a series of 4 webinars dedicated to Swiss-based entrepreneurs on their growth path. Topics range from How to Adapt Your Regulatory Plan, to How to Scale Your Swiss-Based Startup Globally.



BusinessIN #Crisis: First steps and assessment of deconfinement

During this period of economic slowdown, after the first moments of crisis management, it becomes opportune to focus on optimizing its resilience. Can digitisation contribute to this? Entrepreneurs will share their experience of adapting to a new situation. In this webinar Samuel Vuadens, Digital Shaper, Founder & CEO of and MECATIS SA will share his experience of the crisis and the recovery.