Aeronautics & Aerospace

Developing the applications of tomorrow

The canton of Vaud is home to a wide network of specialists, research centers, and leading companies in the aerospace domain. The technological innovations and systems that are developed here will be called upon to influence the sector’s future development.

This cantonal ecosystem includes academic institutions with leading laboratories dedicated to this field, and established companies such as Apco Technologies and various start-ups (including Almatech, Astrocast, and Viasat) whose work it is to transform the results of research into actual applications.

A larger number of businesses are focusing on this leading activity at the Innovation Park at the EPFL. At the same time, via the Swiss Space Center, the institute also provides excellent academic support in the field of aerospace and promotes access to various industrial applications destined for space missions. This is the case, for example, in the extremely promising field of nano-satellites.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (IICT) at the HEIG-VD is active in various projects linked to the efficiency of communications solutions, as well as in the high-growth sector that is the Internet of Things. Then there is the Swiss Aeropole in Payerne, which is also a center of excellence providing unique access to an aviation runway as well as an aeronautics and aerospace industrial and technological activity site. It is home to various specialized businesses such as Groupe E, Boschung, and Speedwings.

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