10 regions
10 associations serving the economy

Regional organizations support and advise businesses on a local level

Businesses can benefit from aid and support from regional organizations; these constitute welcome portals on a local level and are made up of people from the private sector as well as the municipalities which finance them to a large extent.

These readily available infrastructures offer information, steering, and consultancy in the fields of economic promotion and the creation and development of businesses. They support companies in their cantonal and municipal administrative procedures and put them in touch with organizations that can best meet their specific needs.

Furthermore, they devise regional development strategies and manage a database of the land and premises in their area. They also enable businesses to create synergies amongst themselves by organizing networking meetings and events.

The activities of the regional organizations – which amount to 10 in the canton – are organized under the umbrella of the Coordination of the Economic Development of the Canton of Vaud (CODEV).


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