When innovation and arts colide.

The artTech domain consolidates the artistic and cultural fields with innovation and economy. It brings together products as diverse as applications offering interactive scores for playing music, scanners for authenticating and digitizing works of art, and drones for mapping archaeological sites.

Switzerland is a key player in these fields thanks to its cultural heritage and its capacity for innovation. The country has more than a thousand museums, a large number of music festivals, and world-renowned scientific and economic know-how. By combining these different traditions and adding new dimensions, many Swiss companies have succeeded in positioning themselves in the artTech domain.

The canton of Vaud benefits from a particularly favorable ecosystem for the creation of artTech structures. The region is a hub of economic prosperity, with renowned multinationals such as Logitech, which is collaborating with the artTech start-up Imverse, or SICPA, which has collaborated with Digital Kingdom. Added to this are top-ranking scientific research institutes and cultural institutions.

The meeting between all these actors leads to the emergence of a strong artTech domain with projects from 12 industries, including music, art markets and video games. The platform, created in 2017, references these actors, promotes meetings and collaborations between these structures as well as with those from other fields, and is involved in highlighting artTech.

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