Like so many other fields, education is being turned upside down by technology. With its excellent public schools, world-class universities and dynamic leadership, the French-speaking canton of Vaud is determined to lead the way.

The ability to learn, and continue learning, has become the key to success in the 21st century. In the field of education, digital technologies are both a major challenge and a huge opportunity. A challenge because the technology does not stand still; an opportunity because it offers learning opportunities on a scale never imagined.
Screens, distance learning, flipped classrooms, digital libraries, robot teachers, AI, video and audio formats, apps, new evaluation methods – these are all part of the brave new digital world. With the support of public authorities and the professional classes, paradigms are constantly changing in a world in which few people under the age of 20 will have the same job their entire life.
What will learning be like in the future? How will students and teachers be trained in classrooms, lecture halls and offices? How will we address exploding student populations when schools are already crowded? How will we make knowledge accessible to the largest possible number of people while freeing ourselves from time, cost, and space constraints?
Faced with these questions, the canton of Vaud is striving to be at the forefront of pedagogical innovation. Thanks to the high density of gray matter in a region renowned for research and training excellence, and with a wealth of first-class teaching and research institutions, the region has what it takes to produce the professionals and entrepreneurs of the future.

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