The teaching of tomorrow is being learned today

While education, pedagogics, and methods of training are undergoing significant upheaval due to new technologies, the edtech sector is constantly innovating to attempt to answer an incredibly complex question, namely how will we teach and how will we learn in the future?

Approaches to teaching and ways of passing on knowledge change with every new and exciting innovation. Screens, distance learning, flipped classrooms, digital libraries, robot teachers, artificial intelligence, video and audio formats, applications, methods of evaluations… no field of learning has been spared.

Faced with these challenges, the canton of Vaud is particularly well positioned to become one of the pioneers of pedagogical innovation. Courtesy of the incredible density of intelligence which characterizes the region, which already has a reputation for the excellence of its research and its education, and bolstered by the presence of first-rate teaching and research establishments, it has all the advantages it needs to provide an ideal framework for entrepreneurs.

It comes as no surprise therefore that Digitalswitzerland – a national program to promote digital technologies – recently chose Lausanne and the surrounding region as its dedicated location for the education of the future. There is also the Swiss Edtech Collider – an accelerator created by the EPFL which assists around 70 recently created companies in their efforts to transform education using digital tools.

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