EPFL turns 50: Innovation Day

For the EPFL, 2019 marks 50th year of transferring cutting-edge technology to industry. To mark the occasion, the institution isholding a special Innovation Day inviting industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs to share their experience and vision. Entrepreneurs with an exceptional path will give an overview of their experience, their determination to succeed and how EPFL has been contributing to their success.

Rolex Learning Center, Lausanne

Free tickets for PME & Startups


Innovation by Design Challenge 2019

For its 3rd edition, the Challenge offers the opportunity to innovative companies and designers of the region to collaborate for improving the attractiveness of their products or services.



Training "From idea to business"

This two-day training organized by Genilem is designed for future entrepreneurs willing to kickstart their project. It will cover the basics of entrepreneurship and self-employment. Participants will leave with essential tools and a concrete roadmap for their entrepreneurial journey. November 19,20 in Lausanne.

CVCI, Lausanne


EPFL turns 50: Investor Day

EPFL is very young yet routinely ranks among the top 20 engineering schools worldwide. And it is home to a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem flush with initiatives and backed by generous government support. The first Investor Day, as part of the EPFL's year-long 50th anniversary celebration, will be the perfect opportunity to learn about many of the local startups – from budding enterprises to late-stage companies.

Rolex Learning Center, Lausanne

Free tickets for PME & Startups


Vaud International Business Award

The Department of Economy, Innovation and Sport (DEIS), the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) and the Economic Development (DEV) – Canton de Vaud are organizing the 6th edition of the PVEI (Vaud International Business Award). The purpose of this award is to highlight the contribution of international companies, the diversification they bring and their positive impact on the local economy.

IMD, Lausanne


Seedstars Expansion Program: Asia Summit in Cambodia

Third edition of the Seedstars Expansion Program is a unique occasion for Vaud startups to meet the most talented entrepreneurs from emerging countries. 10 startups will travel - free of charge - to attend one of the 4 Seedstars Regional Summits. From 25 to 29 November, the Asia Summit will take place in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


5 to 7 for entrepreneurs : economic outlook 2020

Each year, the CVCI organizes its traditional autumn economic survey. During this session, organized in partnership with the Banque cantonale vaudoise, the results of the CVCI survey will be commented on and supplemented by a presentation of the Swiss and global economy, provided by BCV's forecasters.

Y-Parc, CEI 1, Salle Expo, Yverdon-les-Bains


Workshop: "How to reach your first customers?"

Promove, in partnership with Genilem and TheWorkHub, is offering a series of workshops for future entrepreneurs. On December 3rd, workshop 5 will be dedicated to techniques for approaching customers. Registration of CHF 50 is mandatory and open to anyone residing in Riviera-Lavaux.

The WorkHub, Vevey


Training "Start your business"

This course allows you to learn in three hours the basics of how to start a business successfully. The expert, Douglas Finazzi, from the Institute for Young Enterprises, shows what is important when setting up a company and accompanies you on the road to independence. This course organized by the Institute for Young Enterprises is free of charge.

Chambre du commerce, Lausanne


Les Petits Déj'

Le dernier rendez-vous de l'année des Petits Déjeuners sera conjointement organisé par le Centre Patronal et le SPEI sur le thème "Gestion des données : quels défis éthiques à l’ère du digital ?".

Centre Patronal, Paudex


Startup Champions @ EPFL

Startup Champions is a flagship event co-organized by the EPFL and Venturelab, featuring the most successful startups founded by EPFL alumni. This year, the edition will be entirely dedicated to the EPFL rising stars: Flyability, Lunaphore and Bestmile.

Montreux Jazz Café, EPFL

Free tickets for PME & Startups


Swiss Pavilion @ Consumer Electronics Show 2020 (CES Las Vegas)

The CES is the largest international exhibition dedicated to technological innovation in the field of consumer electronics. For more than 50 years, this annual gathering has been tested on state-of-the-art developments prior to their launch on the market. The SWISS pavilion is a great opportunity for startups to launch a new idea or a new product or service. Subscription deadline : mid-October 2019 !

Las Vegas


Applied Machine Learning Days

Five days of talks, tutorials & workshops on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with top speakers from around the world.

Swiss Tech Convention Center (EPFL)


FORWARD 2020 : Ma PME dans cinq ans

Avec près de 1000 participants lors des deux premières éditions, FORWARD a confirmé son succès donne rendez-vous en mars 2020 pour la 3e édition de cet événement, consacrée au thème :
Ma PME dans 5 ans - Les nouvelles dimensions de l'innovation. Près de 60 orateurs animeront ce rendez-vous annuel des PME et des partenaires d'innovation.

SwissTech Convention Center EPFL, Lausanne

Free tickets for PME & Startups