Storing data, building the future

With a reputation for discretion built on Swiss banking tradition, the canton of Vaud has established itself as a leading player in data storage. It has data centers in Crissier, Gland, Avenches (run by Safe Host), Renens (BrainServe, Edificom), and Lausanne (Syselcom).

Research is also a priority, and in February 2017, the Swiss federal institutes of technology in Lausanne (the EPFL) and Zurich (ETH) inaugurated the Swiss Data Science Center – a national center designed to promote innovation in data science. The EPFL also opened its Trust Center in December 2017, which is set to become a pole for IT security, data protection, and digital privacy.

The main players in the market have come together under the umbrella of Vigiswiss, a network of professionals whose infrastructures are capable of handling the main risks linked to data storage and protection. In the event of one of the members encountering a problem, Vigiswiss-certified companies are committed to finding a solution by means of mutual support, providing an essential guarantee to their clients for whom inability to access their data, however temporary, is simply not an option.

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