Since the invention of computers, cyber attacks have largely evolved. Led by the generalisation of computer exchanges and the proliferation of new targets, today they are multiplied. The canton of Vaud has serious assets to counter this global challenge.


Disruptions, misdirections, tampering, and other targeted attacks via electronic networks are among the cyber risks that are part and parcel of the information society. In a world that is ever more connected and interdependent, IT attacks are becoming increasingly inevitable, with cybercrime no longer the exclusive domain of a handful of experts – indeed, nowadays it seems to be a service that can be purchased by the highest bidder.

Ransomware, viruses, denial-of-service attacks, data theft, Trojan horses, counterfeiting, identity theft, malware – the list goes on. The fight against cyber crime and its various manifestations has become a major preoccupation. However, under the current absence of appropriate protective measures, companies, public services and individuals are likely to see their data exposed.

Switzerland is particularly well-positioned to respond to this challenge and become a global leader in cybersecurity. With a long-standing reputation for discretion, security and reliability in sensitive industries and activities, and with a wealth of expertise in basic and applied research, Switzerland is an attractive place for companies and investors. Unsurprisingly then, a large number of companies and organisations involved in data management and confidential transactions have a strong presence in the country: NGOs, banks, healthcare companies responsible for the data of millions of clients, etc.

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