High-performance infrastructures

The canton of Vaud is situated at the heart of a modern network which efficiently links the main cities in Europe by rail and by air. It also has a vast array of land and premises that are easily accessible for entrepreneurs looking to set up business.

With its location at the heart of Europe, its small size, and the performance levels of its infrastructure, Switzerland is close to everything and everywhere. 9,000 trains run each day on tracks covering 3,000 kilometers, making the Swiss the champions of rail. Punctuality is achieved in almost 90% of journeys. The three international airports connect the country with all four corners of the globe, while around 10% of imports come via the River Rhine, from the North Sea down to Basle. The road network in Switzerland is one of the densest in the world, while the postal service is renowned for its efficiency.

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« 9,000 trains run each day on tracks covering 3,000 kilometers »

Energy supply is as reliable as it is diversified. The telecommunications network is one of the most developed on the planet, with 98% of the Swiss population having access to 4th generation mobile telephony. The health system meanwhile regularly occupies one of the top five spots in the Global Competitiveness Index.

The canton of Vaud can of course take full advantage of these infrastructures:

40 minutes by car or train from the canton’s capital, Lausanne, to Geneva International airport.
The latter has direct flights to over 100 destinations and connections to the world’s main hubs.
2 regional airports in Vaud (Payerne and Lausanne-Blécherette) for business jets and freight.
1–2 hours by train from Lausanne to Bern and Zurich; less than 4 hours to Paris or Milan.

La santé n'est pas en reste

In terms of health, the excellence of the Vaud University Hospital Center is renowned the world over, while the private clinics in the Lake Geneva region have long attracted patients from beyond the borders of Switzerland.

Des sites stratégiques

Businesses are particularly well looked-after, since the canton operates a development policy of strategic economic sites spread across its entire territory which offer premises that are approved, equipped with facilities, and easily accessible for companies looking to establish themselves there.