Centre Patronal

To provide Vaud-based companies with services, information and advice,
as well as a business networking platform for member companies.

To safeguard economic interests of the private sector.


2nd pillar pension plans, including the FIP pension fund with more than 4,200 companies (www.fip.ch)

Social security (AVS – old-age pension/AI – invalidity/APG – loss of income/AC – unemployment, family allowance), including the Vaud Employer’s Federation AVS scheme with more than 35,000 members (companies and self-employed)

Legal advice and support (commercial and employment law, social insurance, contracts, tax, work permits)

Economic and legal publications to help start and run businesses

Administrative management of nearly 200 groups and professional associations in Vaud, Western Switzerland and Switzerland as a whole

A branch office in Bern for the management of Swiss association and interest group secretariats

Organizing training courses for management and directors in French and English (www.romandieformation.ch)

Multiple networking opportunities, in particular via conferences organized on a range of current topics relating to the economy or the business community platform composed of entrepreneurs run by the Centre Patronal and bringing together various heads of companies (www.centrepatronal.ch/epv)

Centre Patronal

+41 58 796 33 00